05 September 2021

SIGNUM series: Flame Retardant & Zero Halogen cables

SIGNUM series: Flame Retardant & Zero Halogen cables

Audio amplifiers, acoustic speakers, audio and light consoles, light fixtures, and then conference systems, complex lighting systems and all the musical instruments world: have you ever thought how important cables and connections must be to make all these technologies work? Wether you need to convoy electricity to power machines, analogue or digital signals, the cable is still today a key component.

Keeping this in mind, Helvia conceived the SIGNUM series, a comprehensive array of cables and connectors born to satisfy professional needs.

All SIGNUM cables are all Flame Retardant and Zero Halogen.

Zero Halogen cables are used for low and medium tension and don’t contain any halogen gas, granting, in case of a fire, a very limited production of dark fumes, toxic and corrosive gasses. In addition to this, the Flame Retardant feature grants a very high resistance to flame ignition.

All SIGNUM cables are completely customizable, both in length and type, and can be coupled to diverse forms of connections to match any professional needs.

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