16 November 2021

HELVIA installation mics

HELVIA installation mics

The microphone is one of the most important elements in any installation, whether fixed or mobile. It is the instrument responsible for capturing a sound - including the human voice - and is the first important element used by the user, regardless of whether it is a professional or, as often happens, without any knowledge or experience in microphones. In fixed installations such as conference rooms, meeting rooms or speaking pulpits, there are several people who alternate in front of the microphone, and features such as ease of use and robustness become fundamental and indispensable prerogatives. For this reason, HELVIA has created STILE, a line of “gooseneck” microphones that includes different models suitable for every need and capable of lasting over time.



The microphones goosneck of the SILE series have variable lengths (from 28 to 55 cm) and are offered with a cardiode or supercardiode polar diagram capsule. Nonetheless, they all share some features that make them particularly functional in fixed installations. The double joint, which is positioned at the bottom near the connector and at the top near the capsule, allows precise positioning in contexts such as meetings and conferences and make it very easy to use even for people who are not professional or “scrupulous”. The robustness of the materials and components plays an important role and in fact metal has been chosen for all the products of the STILE line, offered in an elegant black or white finish (STILE 550 S WH). The abbreviation “S” for the various models indicates the “switch” option, that is the presence of the button to turn off the microphone directly by the user. If the microphones do not contain this caption, it means that there is no possibility of direct intervention. The remote one, instead, is the only one possible to prevent the user from taking any action (authorized or not). 


If we take the declared data of a model taken as an example, such as STILE 550, we can observe some noteworthy sound characteristics. The frequency response is wide, from 30Hz-20kHz, with a roll off at 80Hz of 18dB/octave, a sensitivity of -39dB (1v @ 1pa), tolerance to maximum SPL of 139dB (1kHz @ 1% T.H.D.) and especially the ability to pick up sound at a distance of 30 - 40 cm. Another very important data in the installation field is the signal/noise ratio which stands at 70dB, (1kHz @ 1pa).

All microphones accept a Phantom Power from 3V to 48V and are therefore perfectly compatible with all systems on the market.


Some models in the catalog are provided with bases. For example, both STILE 280H SET, a 280mm mini-shotgun super-cardioid microphone and STILE 280H SET, a 280mm mini-shotgun super-cardioid microphone come with a solid, sturdy 750g base.

These two products, to further increase robustness and safety, incorporate a 3-pin CESS Aviation connector with safety ring. This connector eliminates any movement of the microphone during positioning or direction adjustment.

Two sand-alone bases are also offered in the rich range of products with connection to XRL, which can be combined with any microphone from the STILE series or any other product also belonging to different brands.

STILE B200S is the model equipped with an ON/OFF button while the model B200P is provided with a push-to-talk button that allows functioning only when pressed avoid leaving the microphone on. A precaution as simple as useful in some types of installation (supermarkets ...)



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