Cabling special: A forest of cables!

Cabling special: A forest of cables!
Aldo Chiappini - Encore
by Aldo Chiappini - Encore
On 28 July 2021

Audio amplifiers, acoustic speakers, audio and light consoles, light fixtures, and then conference systems, more or less complex lighting systems, and all the musical instruments world.

Have you ever thought how important cables and connections must be to make all these technologies work?
Wether you need to convoy electricity to power machines, analogue or digital signals, the cable is still today a key component.

Integrated systems

AVL technologies today are more and more connected and to work properly they rely on specific communication protocols – analogue or digital – that must be properly transported by the right cabling.

Not only that, in the home automation industry or electric installations it is required a dense net of digital connections that has not only the purpose of bringing internet in homes and commercial spacesm but it’s also empoyed to channel a variety of recent and future data protocols to make living and commercial structures always “smarter”. In such a scenery, cables and connections have a first notch relevance, and so it is as important the choice of the right cable.

A well thought choice of the right cable can preserve the system from malfunctions, but also help saving in terms of material and cabling time.


Another aspecy to be considered is the one in relation to legislation.

Especcially if we have to transport high electic loads or permanent installations that require a certain amount of protection, the real difference is not quantifiable depending on the objective quality of the cable, but between a product that is conform and one that isn’t.

(an interesting article is available on the Comintato Elettrico Italiano site). Unfortunately, as it often happens in scale economies, the market is flooded with products that don’t respont to any safety requisite, due to a price often too “aggressive”.

That’s why we’re sure that relying on a structured company with years of experience is certainly an advantage on the safety level.

Protocols and connections

MADI, DANTE, AVB, DMX, ArtNet, Powercon®, EtherSound and many more already on the market or soon to be introduced.

The landscape on communication systems is surely vast and choosing a protocol instead of another is ofter the result of precise evaluations.

All these formats, belonging to a more “technical” environment, are joined by a well furnished number of more “comercial” formats, even more unstable in time and development. The coexistence of many protocols, especially in more complex installations, is nowadays quite common, those pro0tocols have to communicate and interact in what is known  - as we said in the beginning – integrated technology.

In this scenery, the role of networks is central, being many protocols digital, and the choice of the right cable and connector can solve many problems at the root.

A good way to simplify the work of installators and technicians is by using multipolar and multipurpose cables, capable of bringing different signals through a single cable, built and classified depending on the type and peculiarity of the copper core used.

Frenexport’s truly integrated solutions

Frenexporthas an R&D department with years of experience in the field and constantly up-to-date on new the technologic proposal in the market. That’s why we can follow the customer from the first steps in the project – to focus right away on the most suitable and convenient choice – to the installation itself.

The Frenexport catalog consists of numerous tools for pro AVL integration and electrical systems in general, and we always put our best effort in providing real and functional solutions to our customers.

We have always believed that offering products, cabling and accessories is the best way to give a real advantage to the customer, that will be dealing with a single interlocutor, reliable and on the spot. As we already mentioned, a thorough knowledge of the legislation allows to choose the right products in complete safety. 

Helvia Signum:

Among the many solutions in the catalog, surely the most complete is the SIGNUM series by HELVIA, Frenexport’s Pro AVL brand.

SIGNUM cables are all flame retardant and zero halogen.

Zero halogen cables are used for low and medium tension and don’t contain any halogen gas, granting, in case of a fire, a very limited production of dark fumes, toxic and corrosive gasses.

Similarly, the flame retardant feature grants a very high resistance to flame ignition.

All our cables are completely customizable, both in length and type, and can be coupled to diverse forms of connections. It’s not a mistery that we’ve been going to the most important trade shows for years, to look for the best products and suppliers. Get in touch with us to have a consult free-of-charge, or to discover and verify directly the quality of our products!

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